Useful Investment Sites




SP500 Multiples / Metrics
  Happy Stocks

Business Insider

 ETF Screener

ETF Finder by Stock%

All Stocks in the Groups , Related...

CEF Research

ETF Relative Strength Screen

Vanguard ETF Comparison Tool

Stock Grader Navalier

Top Trades being bought

Silver /Futures Spot Price

Trefis Fundamental Value Scanner

 CallPix CCW's


Unusual Option Activity??
  Simple Charts



Dividend Detective

DoubleDiviidends CCW

IB Option Volume

Biggest Change in Open Interest 

Quantum Online

Wall Street Window

Gold and Dollar Guy

Mad Money Recap


InvestorPlace Options


Options Hub

High Option Volume

JimmyBob Options  / forum posts

AAII Performance

Cambria GTAA

TopGun Options

Stock Gumshoe Newsletter Ideas



Zulu fx
Trend Analysis

IvanHoff Best of's...

The Stock Advisors

The Big Picture

Sector ETf Trading Strategy

Mercenary Trader

Reformed Broker

Darvas Trades

Options Risk Mgt Picks
Dorsey Wright

 Married Put Calculator
 Married Put Scanner  Married Put, Radioactive Simulation tool


StockMarket Cookbook



Filtering WS

Smartplays Options

StockTwits FloridaTrader

IncomeTrader blog

Scott's Investments Dividends etc. 

Matt Taibbi 

Chris Beanie 

Investing with Robin , P&F

Shadowtrader  Blog/Forums

Sideways Markets 

Shafer Financial Eiul

Embed gadget

Dow Jones Index Calculator and Performance tracker

Dow Timeline and Company Changes
Statistical Approach 
If you are trading stocks or simply a student of the global stock markets, it's handy to
have handy references immediately available...
Damn Good Pennies
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